The ‘Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet’ Aims to Change the Cryptocurrency/Finance Space

UniversalCryptocurrencuWallet   LOGO
UniversalCryptocurrencuWallet LOGO

Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet is a decentralized multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet which allows users to safely store their cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, NEO, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Dash. Securely and easily managing private keys is one of the main obstacles users experience when trying to adopt and use cryptocurrency, and Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet aims to solve that problem any many others.

Each universal cryptocurrency wallet is secured with a 24-word ‘seed phrase’ that provides master encryption for all of the private keys in each wallet users create. With the cryptocurrency and blockchain space receiving record breaking attention in 2017 and and even more as we rolled into 2018, the demand for a universal cryptocurrency wallet has grown to a point of necessity.


Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet has created a ‘Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet’ that will connect with and scan various blockchains, allowing the wallet to update user balances for multiple cryptocurrency assets (coins and tokens).



In their own words: 

The Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet team’s mission is to provide cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts a secure and user friendly way to manage multiple cryptocurrency assets, while securely managing their own private keys private keys at the same time. With our multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet, users can safely store their cryptocurrency assets with peace of mind and the user friendly interface makes buying, selling, and managing cryptocurrency even more fun! With so many different cryptocurrencies emerging in the fast growing market, securing your assets is essential.

We understand value and importance of the cryptocurrency-community and aim to deliver a seamless product with the user’s experience as a major focus point in our overall development!


The team intends on continuously updating the wallet to store newly released assets and is rumored to be in discussions with other related establishment like Piiggy and Shopping with Cryptocurrency to optimize the project’s fullest potential. With the right people allocated to this project, this seems like a cryptocurrency/blockchain/finance necessity that the entire world can eventually use, eliminating the need for cryptocurrency users to create a new wallet each time they purchase an asset.

You can get full details about Univerrsal Cryptocurrency Wallet on their official website:

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