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  • Basic Attention Token What is It How Does it Work

    Basic Attention Token: What is It? How Does it Work?

    The Basic Attention Token, or BAT, is a token for a blockchain-based ad platform. The project aims to improve online advertising by cutting out third party ad exchanges, protecting user privacy, reducing ad fraud, and sharing revenue with users to reward them for their attention. More

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  • ontology

    [GUIDE] Ontology (ONT): Break-Down and Explanation

    What is Ontology? Launched by Chinese company Onchain in 2017, Ontology is a public platform for projects of all shapes and sizes, and is a giant step toward removing barriers between the blockchain and business sector. Ontology is revolutionary in the sense that it allows businesses without previous knowledge of distributed networks to use blockchain technology. [...]

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  • Screen Shot 2018 01 25 at 10.09.33 PM

    Top 7 Profitable Proof of Staking Cryptocurrencies

    Let’s talk about popular proof of stake cryptocurrencies today And I know one more important question that might cross your mind would be:-Why proof of stake cryptocurrencies? Why should one know them? What’s so special about them?   So to answer such questions let’s get started…   Proof of stake (aka POS) cryptos has many technical benefits but […] More

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