Ledger Nano S  – Unboxing and Controlling/Handling the Device

Ledger Nano S Complete GuideTutorial
Ledger Nano S Complete GuideTutorial

This article will take you through the unboxing of an Ledger Nano S and describe how you navigate and control the device.

You may notice the box comes with no tamper evident security seal; this isn’t accidental. Ledger proudly boast about the fact that no such seal is required; this device is unhackable.

The package includes required accessories such as a USB to Micro-USB cable, as well as some optional accessories like a strap and keyring so it can be carried on your keychain.

Controlling the Device

The device has no internal power source. As such, you need to connect it using the supplied USB cable for it to be used.

The device has a small LCD display and two physical buttons. Those two buttons allow you to both navigate menus and select items from menus.

Holding the device horizontally (the screen has only one orientation so you’ll know if you’re holding it right) the two buttons sit on top; one to the left and the other to right.

You can navigate between menu items by pressing either the left or right button. You can select a menu item by pressing both left and right buttons simultaneously.

As instructed on screen when you first connect it, pressing both buttons together begins the setup process.


Setting up a Device

There are two options available to you;

  1. You are setting up your first ever Ledger Nano S. If this is for you, you’ll want to read Configuring as a New Device.
  2. You are wanting to restore your wallets that were created elsewhere to this device. For this functionality, read Restore a Device Using a Recovery Phrase.

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Ledger Nano S Complete GuideTutorial

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Ledger Nano S Complete GuideTutorial

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