Ledger Nano S  – Resetting the Device

Ledger Nano S Complete GuideTutorial
Ledger Nano S Complete GuideTutorial

There are two ways to completely reset the Ledger Nano S.


⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Hopefully obvious enough, but we’re talking about resetting the device. That means you’ll lose everything that’s on it and it will be factory reset to hold nothing, just like when it was first created.


Resetting from the Menu

If you know the device PIN, you can perform a factory reset from the menu. Choose Settings->Device->Reset all.

The device will then display a warning message over many screens, before finally landing on the screen asking if you want to continue.

Resetting if you’ve Forgotten the PIN

The method above doesn’t work if you’ve forgotten your PIN. Not only do you need to enter the PIN when you first connect the device, but you’d also be prompted to enter it during the factory reset.

Instead, there is a really easy way to factory reset a Ledger Nano S.

Connect the device using USB and then simply enter the wrong PIN 3 times in a row.

🎩 Your device has now been wiped. Tada! 🎉

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Ledger Nano S Complete GuideTutorial

Ledger Nano S – Complete Guide/Tutorial

Ledger Nano S Complete GuideTutorial

Ledger Nano S  – Unboxing and Controlling/Handling the Device