FREE Epiphany Cryptocurrency Airdrop Event for NEO Address Owners

Screen Shot 2018 05 22 at 2.48.28 PM
Screen Shot 2018 05 22 at 2.48.28 PM

EPIPHANY is airdropping 30 EPN tokens to new users. Simply create an account at EPIPHANY to get 30 EPN tokens for your first login, and another 30 EPN each day you login (can only be claimed once per day).


What is EPN?

In their own words:

EPIPHANY is a superior trading engine for digital assets developed on the NEO ecosystem. The mission of EPIPHANY is assisting in the development of a transparent, secure, intelligent and compliant global trading network of digital assets.”



  1.  E-Mail address
  2. NEO address


Step-by-Step Guide to Claim FREE Epiphany Coins:

  1. Visit the EPIPHANY Registration page.
  2. Input your details (email, pick a password, verify email) and “click” signup.
  3. Input the NEO address you want to receive your airdropped coins

That’s it! – You will automatically receive 30 EPN coins for your first sign-up/sign-in.


How to Claim free tokens:

  1. Simply “Sign-in” each day. Users are reward 30 EPN for each day they sign-in
  2. Users can also receive 15 EPN by inviting new users

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