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    Universities Continue Offering Blockchain Courses in 2019

    Blockchain is a disruptive technology that’s poised to change the world and have a major impact on a number of industries in the coming years. Given the interest from potential employers and students alike, some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world are indeed offering blockchain/cryptocurrency courses and, in some cases, even degrees. More

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  • Proof of Keys Event Promotes Healthy User Responsibility Tests Crypto Exchanges Integrity

    ‘Proof of Keys’ Event Promotes Healthy User Responsibility & Tests Crypto Exchange’s Integrity

    On January 3, 2009, the first event on the Bitcoin blockchain happened, known as the genesis block. Now, a decade later, The cryptocurrency community is being urged to participate in a event dubbed, “proof of keys.” The event advocates for people to remove all their cryptocurrencies from third-party crypto exchanges and similar services on January 3, 2019. More

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  • Good Cyber Hygiene What is It

    How to Practice ‘Good Cyber Hygiene’ in 2018

    When buying/selling/sending/receiving cryptocurrencies, it is extremely important to practice ‘Good Cyber Hygiene’ and securely maintain your private keys. One of the most secure ways of doing this, is by using “cold wallets” like a Ledger Nano S. More

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  • Kevin L Walker Launches Piiggy Bank Blockchain Labs

    Kevin L. Walker Founds ‘Piiggy Bank Blockchain Labs’ for a Series of Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Projects

    The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention and is said to be the “new internet.” Bitcoin and blockchain technology is the brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym,  Satoshi Nakamoto, and since it’s inception it has evolved into a great asset. Kevin L. Walker aims to make a mark in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space More

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    SEC chairman: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are NOT securities

    SEC Chairman Jay Clayton speaks with CNBC's Bob Pisani about what he sees for the future of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICO). [crtools-table coin="" fiat="USD,EUR" cols="price,cap,supply,volume,change" search="false" pagination="10,20,30"] Buy / Sell Cryptocurrency

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    Piiggy Bank App. to Change Cryptocurrency and Chat Game?

    Piiggy was founded for the purpose of providing everyone with an efficient and effective tool that can be used to streamline the use and management of everyday essentials, while simultaneously garnering financial wellness and building a strong financial future. More

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    Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency: Selecting a Wallet [GUIDE]

    [crtools-table coin="BTC" fiat="USD,EUR" cols="price,cap,supply,volume,change" search="false" pagination="10,20,30"] There are two main steps when you start thinking how to choose a Bitcoin wallet. First decide whether you need an online wallet, an offline wallet, or both. Then you can consider specific wallets and find the best Bitcoin wallet for you. Wallet types are mainly about security and [...]

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    Cryptocurrency Airdrop Tokens/Coins Vs Fork [Guide]

    Almost all airdrops fall into one of three categories: those for holding a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is hosting a new altcoin, those issued in cases where a blockchain is forked, and those offered in exchange for promoting the project through social media. Of course, as with all free things, airdrops usually come with a catch; they typically [...]

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    The ‘Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet’ Aims to Change the Cryptocurrency/Finance Space

    Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet is a decentralized multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet which allows users to safely store their cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, NEO, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Dash. Securely and easily managing private keys is one of the main obstacles users experience when trying to adopt and use cryptocurrency, and Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet aims to solve that [...]

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  • Binance Adds New “Convert to BNB” Feature for Your crypto dust

    Binance adds New ‘dust’ feature for Cryptocurrency fractions

    Today a feature was added to Binance that I have been waiting for, for months! It's the 'dust sweeping' feature that was often spoken of, to get rid of tiny fractions of crypto's that are otherwise untradeable, and too small to withdraw. You can now combine these fractions and sell them together for BNB tokens. [...]

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