Top FALSE Bitcoin:Cryptocurrency Statements

Top FALSE Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Statements

As with any new area of investment, cryptocurrencies have prompted potential investors and analysts to ask many questions. In the past couple of years, digital currencies have experienced significant boosts in popularity, and there are persistent untruths, myths, and rumors about the space in general and about certain coins and tokens in particular. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common myths about digital currencies, and we’ll explore whether or not each contains some truth.

Japanese exchange Coincheck states they will pay back $400+ million NEM stolen

Coincheck Inc. President Koichiro Wada spoke at a press conference Friday in Tokyo. On Sunday, the company said customers holding the cryptocurrency NEM would be paid back following a cyberattack in which some $530 million of the cryptocurrency was lost.PHOTO: TAKUYA INABA/ASSOCIATED PRESS   TOKYO—Japanese exchange Coincheck Inc. said Sunday it would spend up to ¥46.3…