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    Piiggy Bank App. to Change Cryptocurrency and Chat Game?

    Piiggy was founded for the purpose of providing everyone with an efficient and effective tool that can be used to streamline the use and management of everyday essentials, while simultaneously garnering financial wellness and building a strong financial future. More

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    EOS Airdrops: How To Claim Your Free Tokens

    EOS is a blockchain platform where developers can run decentralized applications to serve several purposes just like Ethereum. It’s not just a cryptocurrency. Analysts have rated the EOS platform above the Ethereum based on the fact that programmers have to learn a new language, Solidity if they have to code smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. […] More

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  • Screen Shot 2018 05 22 at 2.48.28 PM

    FREE Epiphany Cryptocurrency Airdrop Event for NEO Address Owners

    EPIPHANY is airdropping 30 EPN tokens to new users. Simply create an account at EPIPHANY to get 30 EPN tokens for your first login, and another 30 EPN each day you login (can only be claimed once per day).   What is EPN? In their own words: " EPIPHANY is a superior trading engine for [...]

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  • 1 BKBeHsuOWlLNgnxW9ZffgA

    Travala (AVA) will Airdrop 250,000 tokens to Switcheo (SWH) holders

    [crtools-table coin="AVA,SWH" fiat="USD,EUR" cols="price,cap,supply,volume,change" search="false" pagination="10,20,30"] On May 10, 2018, Travala (AVA) announced plans to airdrop their AVA tokens through a partnership with Switcheo (SWH). Travala is an online travel booking platform built on top of the NEO platform, that aims to “become the first decentralized global travel marketplace that will be a one-stop shop for [...]

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  • airdrops 1200x580

    Cryptocurrency Airdrop Tokens/Coins Vs Fork [Guide]

    Almost all airdrops fall into one of three categories: those for holding a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is hosting a new altcoin, those issued in cases where a blockchain is forked, and those offered in exchange for promoting the project through social media. Of course, as with all free things, airdrops usually come with a catch; they typically [...]

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  • tron airdrop for teth holders

    Tron will Airdrop 30M TRX to Select ETH Holders

    TRON will airdrop 30M TRX to the Ethereum community as a show of our gratitude towards Ethereum for their support during TRON’s ERC20 phase, in addition to preparing for the Super Representative Elections after mainnet launch. TRON will airdrop 30M TRX (equivalent to approx. USD$1.7M) to active user with a balance of over 1 ETH […] More

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  • Silver NEO cryptocurrency 1

    NEO Holders will Get FREE Ontology (ONT) Airdropped by NEO Council

    NEO holders are in for a free airdrop after the NEO Council announced that it would be distributing 20 million Ontology (ONT) tokens to the community as a gesture of appreciation. For those who don’t know, Ontology network is a public blockchain infrastructure platform which allows developers to take advantage of a decentralized trust ecosystem and create […] More

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  • Ethereum Classic Holders will Get FREE Callisto CLO in Upcoming Airdrop

    Ethereum Classic Holders will Get FREE Callisto (CLO) in Upcoming Airdrop

    What is Ethereum Classic? Ethereum Classic is a hard fork of Ethereum. It is a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, open source, blockchain based cryptocurrency. Ethereum Classic is also referred to as the Classic Ether. The Ethereum Classic blockchain adapts all features of Ethereum which includes Smart Contracts and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). What is Callisto? Callisto […] More

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