Cardano Claims the #6 spot Surging over 25% from .21 cents to .35 in 48 hours

Cardano Claims the 6 spot Surging over 25 from .21 cents to .35 in 48 hours
Cardano Claims the 6 spot Surging over 25 from .21 cents to .35 in 48 hours

Cardano (ADA) keeps its inevitable momentum going surging upwards by over 25% in less than 48 hours, and claiming the number 6 spot in the coin ranking.


Cardano is currently trading at $0.162899 and has slightly retraced by 1.5 percent in the past hour. Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) the blockchain development company behind the Cardano blockchain has recently released updates for Goguen, its next phase in the path for full decentralization for the network.

The Goguen era, which marks the next period after Shelley, will be the era of implementing smart contracts and enabling decentralized applications (Dapps) on the network.

The Goguen update will not prioritize ADA transactions and contracts over other tokens issued on Cardano, unlike Ethereum; where the blockchain prioritizes ETH over other ERC-20 tokens on the network. Developers would be able to use Cardano at ease, as tokens on the network will inherit all security and smart contract behaviors of Cardano’s native crypto, ADA.

Developers from IOHK mentioned the introduction of native Cardano tokens, and an ERC-20 converter to swap tokens from the Ethereum network to the Cardano network.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK and the founder of Cardano previously mentioned that the rollout of the new features in Goguen will enable Cardano to be extremely competitive in the DeFi sector. He added that IOHK has been in discussion with partners to identify the first useful use cases including stablecoins, oracles, and decentralized exchanges.

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