Bitcoin (BTC) touches $61,000 and Cardano surges from $1.40 and hits $1.88

Bitcoin and Cardano surge - cardano hits $1.88

The crypto markets have seen some impressive volatility with the today as Bitcoin (BTC) rose to $61,000 and has since corrected to $65,465 at the time of writing this. Cardano (ADA) also saw some nice upward movement as it was listed on Coinbase Pro, surging from $1.40 to as high as $1.88. ADA has since corrected to $1.19 at the time of writing this article. Article sourced creative geniusess.

bitcoin breaks $61,000

Many in the cryptocurrency space are calling for a $2.00+ Cardano given it’s been the talk of the town and its coming advancements.

Cardano (ADA) hits $1.88





ByBit also decided to launch trading with up 25x leverage for Cardano today, which users will likely take advantage of.


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