May 14, 2018

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  • Travala (AVA) will Airdrop 250,000 tokens to Switcheo (SWH) holders

    Travala (AVA) will Airdrop 250,000 tokens to Switcheo (SWH) holders

    [crtools-table coin="AVA,SWH" fiat="USD,EUR" cols="price,cap,supply,volume,change" search="false" pagination="10,20,30"] On May 10, 2018, Travala (AVA) announced plans to airdrop their AVA tokens through a partnership with Switcheo (SWH). Travala is an online travel booking platform built on top of the NEO platform, that aims to “become the first decentralized global travel marketplace that will be a one-stop shop for [...]

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    Cryptocurrency Airdrop Tokens/Coins Vs Fork [Guide]

    Almost all airdrops fall into one of three categories: those for holding a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is hosting a new altcoin, those issued in cases where a blockchain is forked, and those offered in exchange for promoting the project through social media. Of course, as with all free things, airdrops usually come with a catch; they typically [...]

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